2D Multimedia Production マルチメディア プロダクション

Video Production, printing, Culture and art promotion、
  編集, 印刷、文化と芸術振興



          Video production               

Promotional video, music clips, concert,  Events, meeting, Wedding, birthdate etc...    

         Graphics Designing               

          Magazine, flayers, business card, news latter, posters broachers , digital printing ,etc ...    


                              T-shirt printing, Ceramic, metal, wood any types of paper printing  

          Documentary Film Production     

                          Short film, Cultural, Historical, business, companies profile, etc...  

        Promote Culture and Art            
                         Traditional and Modern Fashion show, Dance and Event Organizing  (Ethiopian)




"Someoccasions last a moment, But memories last a lifetime.

Letus capture the magic of those memories . . . forever"